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A voluntary, not for profit organization established to enable ‘Self-Empowered Harmonious Co-existence’ throughout the globe.

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We = You

SENSEi (Initiative of Seekers & Enablers of Self Empowerment)

An autonomous youth wing of the larger organization Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM), SENSEi is a voluntary, not for profit organisation established to enable ‘Self-Empowered Harmonious Co-existence’ throughout the globe.

We began this journey as Seekers stumbling one-after-the-other through lifes’ everyday routines. Integrating the practice of Breath Meditation in our lives, the uniquely mundane everyday transformed into momentous adventures. United by our common goal to empower all with the tools for Self-realisation to hasten evolution, we are a growing community of Self-empowered Enablers.



..from a Seeker to an Enabler

"From wonder into wonder, existence opens."  - Lao Tzu

We are constantly engaged in external and internal dialogue. Continuous and repetitive, we believe there is only what we see and know. Yet, there is a silent deep inner feeling that there must be more..where what we see and know isn’t enough. Making a choice to begin the quest to know more and understand better, the journey of going within begins!

Seeker knows there’s something more to be explored!

Through deeper understanding of the inner world, the awareness of the Seeker begins to expand. And every-day routines become joyful adventures. This journey of self-reflection leads to refined creative expression through all forms of art, travels to distant places, listening and learning through books, movies, music and people.

Discovering the treasure trove of abundance within, the Seeker transforms into an ENABLER. Constantly fine tuning oneself through experiential learning, there is a deep sense of purpose to enable through collective intentions, dialogue, miraculous thoughts and impacting actions. 

An Enabler is “the Change we wish to see in the world”, nurturing the seed of infinite potential of Life to flower into its Grandest Self.



 Develop tailor made courses using a spirituo-scientific temperament and conduct interactive sessions for audiences through collaboration with all organization that share our vision and are empowered by our mission. 


 Focus groups in different parts of the world that come together to meditate, share and grow from the collective experiences of people belonging to all walks of life through regular community meets and Social Experiments using Music. 


 An integrated digital platform that supplements your inner journey by bringing to you wisdom from Masters of all ages and genres, transformational stories of youth from across the globe and topics on practical spirituality.