The key to unleashing abundance has been

with you throughout!
Your Breath.. Your constant guide!

Every single one of the 7.4 billion individuals living on Planet Earth face Self designed & Self chosen challenges in their lives.

But the solutions to life’s unique challenges lie within us.

Discover the source of eternal happiness!

There are no exceptions!

And in the search for solutions to these challenges, we seek answers from sources outside of ourselves.



Large Scale experiential festival

Outreach of
13000+ Seekers

Open Music Meditation

Mass meditation outreach with unplugged music performances  

Interactive Sessions in
75+ institutions

Mindfulness Project

Collaborate with Institutes to conduct meditation sessions




"Music makes the people come together!"


Mass meditation outreach sessions in public spaces with unplugged music performances to create awareness about the easiest way to Go Within.



Taking up the forty day meditation challenge has been transformational. More focused and motivated, ready to take on all challenges in life!


Balancing act in life has become easy. A little bit of effort in the beginning, now life become an effortless adventure.


Shifting from life’s usual peephole view to a 360 degree perspective, there is a deeper sense of meaning and purpose behind everyday actions.



“Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace.” - Albert Schweitz...

From boardroom dynamics, political power struggle or the one-upmanship that we can see in our everyday interactions/ rel...

Living in a city we have established a pace in our lives. We spend our time being stuck in traffic, breathing polluted a...

What happens in the course of your day that makes it different from the rest? What happens everyday that makes it routin...

As a civilization with the advent of technology and the internet-information-age, science and technology is boasting of...

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